How to read this?Xhevi Qafmolla –– UX & Product Designer
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Equa Bank App ― A simple and modern banking app. Delivered a completely new concept and design, transforming the old version into an award-winning app rated by an experts' jury from WebTop100 in 2019. Available in the iOS & Android stores. Currently ~400k users, ~150k DAU. In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka.

Selected screens

O2 TV Web ― Live TV and on–demand content streaming portal by O2 Czech Republic. Created concepts and prototypes of the web using real data and content. I helped deliver the portal's new IA, UI and tune production code (CSS). Launched in January 2018. O2 TV has currently ~650k customers. In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka.


Public Transport App ― An experiment with UI and data. App shows departure times of public transport lines from nearest stop, based on user's location. Data are in GTFS format, and the app functions in any city that provides data in this format (Berlin, NY, London etc.). In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka.

Selected screens

O2 Active App ― ITunes–like portal by O2 CZ, offering digital content (apps, music, e-books, magazines). Released in June 2016, redesigned in 2020. In cooperation with Tomáš Procházka we delivered concepts and designs.

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Local Time ― A Chrome extension that converts time on the pages you visit to local time. No UI, no settings, just works. ~1000+ weekly active users.